International SEO—Plotting the Course

International SEO

So why a book on this topic?

I have been involved in optimization since the very early days going back over 15 years. Markus Hoevener and I started up Bloofusion when most people hadn’t heard of SEO and Google had just stepped on the search engine stage to compete with the likes of Lycos, Yahoo and Alta Vista. Having worked with various companies it has become clear that although most of our projects are very customized, there are certain core challenges that resurface again and again.

Hence the idea for this book. One of the topics that almost always will enter the discussion is International SEO. And although by now there are countless technical features that support international SEO, such as the hreflang tag, very few companies, even among the Fortune 500 list, take advantage of this beneficial feature.

There is a massive need for guidance in this field. This book tries to outline and resolve the issues surrounding the internationalization of SEO and provides a playbook for you to base your decisions. Which tags can help me support my internationalization efforts most effectively? What should a solid domain strategy look like for me? And which tools are available to achieve

Who needs this book?

  • ​Is your firm interested in marketing to areas outside of the US? Canada? Parts of Europe?
  • Do you want to open up products or services to a larger market space? Casting a wider net?
  • Curious about expanding in areas that your competitors don’t understand?

You may be doing this already—just check your global traffic in analytics.
But are you doing it right? Most websites we reviewed, even Fortune 500 companies, are far from using all the tools they have at their disposal.

How do I get a copy?

You can buy it on Amazon or I’d be happy to bring along a signed copy for you next time we meet.