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It started in 2001 with a chance meeting between Andreas Mueller and Markus Hoevener at a Palo Alto, CA think tank. Andreas had founded the strategic marketing alliance builder SynapseFusion. Markus was developing search technology at his company, Bloonatic. We immediately realized the benefit of combining an intimate knowledge of search technology with a deep understanding of digital marketing. From this synergy, Bloofusion was born.


Andreas Mueller

Andreas Mueller

Our co-founder and strategist, Andreas manages our teams. He began his career at Seagram & Sons in San Francisco in 1989, marketing French and German wines in the US.

Our co-founder and strategist, Andreas manages our teams. He began his career at Seagram & Sons in San Francisco in 1989, marketing French and German wines in the US. With an eye on Silicon Valley, he taught himself UNIX, became familiar with the high tech sector and was soon hired by the San Francisco based software firm Esker as VP of International Marketing. In 1997 he moved down the coast to Santa Cruz to join SurfControl (JSB) in Santa Cruz as the VP of Marketing.

By the turn of the century, he had struck out on his own, consulting on international marketing efforts. He co-founded Bloofusion in 2002 with Markus Hoevener. Co-author of “Search Engine Marketing for Decision Makers” Andreas is a frequent seminar participant and panel moderator on SEO and PPC at the American Marketing Association, the SVAMA Marketing Series, WebGuild Annual Conference, the Business Marketing Association, SD Forum, Lighthouse Venture Forum and a variety of Fortune 1000 firms. One of his top crowd pleasers has been the Bloofusion Search Engine Boot Camp series in both the US and Europe.

He has served as VP of Promotions on the American Marketing Association Board (Silicon Valley) and is a long-standing member of Webguild Silicon Valley and the CMO Council. Closer to home, he serves as Vice Chairperson on the board of Leadership Santa Cruz.

A life-long learner, he adores learning languages, having lived in Germany, France and Japan. It’s tough to trip up his grammar in any of his languages. When he’s not geeking out on a new language, he can be found pouring through the latest writings by Malcolm Gladwell - one of very few authors who synthesizes the mundane things we do every day and gives them meaning. If you don’t know him yet, check out his book “Blink.”

Steve Graff

Steve Graff

Our Director of Optimization, Steve, a Certified eMarketer and Internet Business Strategist, heads up business strategy as well as search-based marketing and analytics for our North American clients.

Our Director of Optimization, Steve heads up business strategy as well as search-based marketing and analytics for our North American clients. In a planning role and out in the field, he also runs our teams that execute site and landing page optimization. Someone who likes divergent challenges, he works with clients in fields as diverse as pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, business services, cloud-based services and technology.

A Certified eMarketer and Internet Business Strategist with over twenty-five years in advertising and marketing, his experience spans the complete spectrum of roles and responsibilities within the agency business, from Account Service Director, Creative Director, VP of Production, to Director of Optimization. Before teaming up with Bloofusion in 2008 he led interactive development teams for fifteen years at marchFIRST, Dentsu and Razorfish.

Always willing to take on tough tasks, Steve lived and worked in Japan for nearly ten years where he worked on behalf of over 100 different clients in fifteen different industry categories. When he’s not practicing his Japanese with Andreas, Steve is perpetually training for his 3rd AIDS/LifeCycle Ride – a 7-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Silicon Valley Proximity

Our office is located in Santa Cruz, CA—just 40 miles from Google’s Global HQ. Our proximity to Silicon Valley puts us in intimate contact with the thought leaders in search and online technology. This promotes innovation in our approaches to problem solving and exposes us to the latest advances in online strategy and technology.

The resulting synergies are what John Hagel III, John Seely Brown and Lang Davidson define in their book, The Power of Pull, as a ‘spike’. They write, “For many of us, pursuing our passion will draw us toward the geographies in which similarly passionate people live. These spikes are places where talented people cluster around shared interests and passions: Think Silicon Valley and technology.”

At Bloofusion, we’re all about passionate clients’ challenges and bringing elegant solutions to the table.

Bloofusion Timeline


SynapseFusion and Bloonatic owners meet at Stanford Networking Event


Bloofusion, Inc. is founded in Santa Cruz


Bloofusion expands into Europe with Bloofusion GmbH in Münster, Germany


West Marine becomes Bloofusion's first Fortune 500 client


Yelp becomes a Bloofusion customer


"Search Engine Marketing for Decision Makers" by Andreas Mueller and Markus Hoevener first published


Bloofusion officially moves into SEM/PPC services


Bloofusion takes on pharmaceutical marketing with Novartis


Agency Program rolled out with McCann


Bloofusion signs first EMEA client outside of Europe: Clarizen


Bloofusion initiates project with Dell


Inaugural BLOO:CON Online Marketing Strategy Conference is held

Who We Work With

Our clients range from passionate young companies with big ideas, to second-tier organizations striving to break into the first tier, through established global leaders with a desire to maximize their online business objectives. They are typically highly matrixed business-to-business, web application, SAS and business-to-consumer companies. The commonality between these seemingly disparate entities is that they are all willing and able to do the work required to produce results.

“ I never hesitate about working with people who are what they say they are. ”

Bob Durstenfeld
Director of Global Marketing, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Who We Are

We are pragmatic by nature, setting realistic expectations in regards to what can be accomplished in a particular market niche and inside of an established timeframe. Within these parameters, we often inspire our clients to stretch and go beyond the usual solution, established best practices and expectations. When working with marketing teams, our goal is to enable your agency of record to produce the best results. While we act as Change Agents, we think of ourselves as educators – fostering existing talent within organizations in order to create long-term benefits. Often regarded as our client’s ‘secret weapon’ we are a specialty team that integrates with your organization and outside vendors.

“ At first I thought SEO was all about inbound links, but Bloofusion showed me a much more strategic way to look at SEO. ”

Larry Stein
Senior Marketing Director, Dell

Serving Clients Around The Globe

In 2003 Markus Hoevener launched Bloofusion Germany in response to our success with global companies such as Cisco, West Marine, Plantronics and Novartis. As we took on the online challenges faced by the likes of Skype, LinkedIn and Yelp, our thinking evolved. We recognized the need to elevate the overall business goals of our international clients’ websites above the prevailing metrics of ranking and traffic lift.

Bloofusion Germany is extremely active when it comes to blogging and publishing. We write and publish one of the industry’s leading compendiums focused on SEO and SEM - SuchRadar (SearchRadar) which is issued six times a year. We also produce and host BLOO:CON. This annual conference educates clients and prospects on the latest in search trends and optimization knowhow during an intensive one-day event.

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