About Us

Hey! We’re Bloofusion, a digital marketing team. We’re passionate about what we do, but that’s easy to say. Let us tell you more about what we mean.

What We Stand For

We feel that if you care about your business (and you’re here, so we know that you do) you deserve to reach the vision you have for it. We also believe that you deserve to reach your vision (or exceed it) while at ease, knowing that someone knowledgeable is taking care of your digital marketing and that risk is at a minimum.

What Drives Us

We get totally jazzed every time we guide businesses along the pathway between startup and enterprise, no matter how many times we do it. It’s what drives us to do what we do. We love hearing excitement from our clients as the revenue obliterates goals and sets new records month after month. Sharing that excitement with clients has been our driving force for twenty years and it’s why we forge ahead today.

The Bloofusion Team - group photo

We know growth. And we love creating it with clients that share our vision.

The Vision We Have for You

We don’t believe in marketing just to “check a box.”

We believe you deserve marketing that:

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Produces a consistent, profitable return

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Positions you for continuous, sustainable growth

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Provides results that exceed your goals

If your marketing doesn’t, it’s a waste of your time and money.

How We Make It Happen

“The vision was to provide a resource for scaling and growing things faster, a resource I wish I’d had when I was VP of Marketing for a software company.”

Bloofusion co-founder

This vision gave birth to Blooprint, a proprietary and prescriptive deep-dive into your online ecosystem. Blooprint is the first step of our process. In it, we address everything from the language your prospects speak all the way to the complete strategies needed to turn them into customers (with ever increasing efficiency, mind you!).

This process truly positions you to win in the PPC and SEO space once and for all.

Who Are We?

It all started through a chance meetup in 2001, at a Palo Alto think tank.

Andreas Mueller (founder of the strategic marketing company SynapseFusion) and Markus Hoevener (founder of the search technology company Bloonatic) joined forces to give birth to Bloofusion. With a strong foundation in strategic marketing and search technology, we’ve spent the last two decades transforming businesses through innovative digital solutions.

Andreas Mueller - Bloofusion Co-Founder
Andreas Mueller

Marketing + Technology makes me tick. Languages, traveling, laughter and dancing to reggaetón makes me happy.

Markus Hoevener - Bloofusion Co-Founder
Markus Hoevener

Preeminent entrepreneur & SEO Guru. Family man and keyboard player who appreciates good wine and Gemütlichkeit.

Alec Smith - PPC at Bloofusion
Alec Smith

8 years of eating, sleeping, and breathing PPC. Music and ultimate frisbee enthusiast.

Josh Skelton - PPC Bloofusion
Josh Skelton

PPC strategist, tool creator and optimizer. Runner, writer and happy camper.

Carolyn Holzman - SEO Bloofusion
Carolyn Holzman

Testing, testing, testing – now that’s SEO. Lover of nature and hiking, there is nothing better than a good cup of English tea in the morning.

Kyle Sabraw - Bloofusion SEO
Kyle Sabraw

Search engine optimization is my passion and life. Living by the ocean, being politically active and mixing drinks for friends.

Steve Graff - Bloofusion CRO
Steve Graff

The ultimate master of conversion rate optimization. Bike riding aficionado, expert of smoked meats and devoted husband & father.

Robert McInroy - Bloofusion Strategy
Robert McInroy

No marketing challenge is unsolvable. Vintage racing devotee, enthusiast of long morning walks and seeker of spiritual meaning.

Suzanne Tuescher - Bloofusion advisor
Suzanne Tuescher

Pulling it all together, business and pleasure, that’s my calling. Knitting, traveling and a chilled Manhattan: life is good.

Miguel Fernandes - Bloofusion Business Partner
Miguel Fernandes
Business Partner

Innovation and growth hacking, that’s my calling. Sipping a glass of wine on a beach in Algarve with family & friends – now that’s the ticket.

The Proof is in the Pudding.

With over 20 years of success, Bloofusion has brought profitability and growth to businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to household names like LinkedIn, Dell, and Microsoft. We’re excited to embark on the next chapter of our journey and hope you’ll join us in writing your own success story.