The first step of every Bloofusion Search Engine Optimization engagement consists of developing a clear understanding of your business and marketing objectives. To the uninitiated this can be a bit disorienting as many people are accustomed to talking to search professionals who start things off with a discussion of target keywords and current ranking.

We understand the allure of ranking well for a mission critical keyword phrase, but too often we have learned that user behavior is better aligned elsewhere. Further, continuous evolution in the factors that shape search engine results can quickly derail SEO efforts if they are not focused on alignment with the larger marketing goals of your organization. Chasing ranking lifts and traffic improvements are goals that might be easily attained in the short-term – by addressing the most obvious of on-page elements or implementing a few linking schemes. But, these initial gains can be easily lost with the next Google update, if your SEO lacks focus on the long-term goal of meeting your audience’s needs.

Once we have a clear idea about your business goals, the associated performance indicators, and who your target users are, we can initiate the process of creating a search optimization program that is built around information journeys on your site. Our process provides value to your audience, puts you in alignment with the type of queries they are using, and is immune to search engine updates. This shared clarity of vision leads to a holistic approach to optimization that results in better position and traffic around key business concepts as well as improved user experience, higher conversion rates and better quality leads.

The net effect of our approach is to open the sales funnel along its entire length. Decisions about language, site architecture, content & content marketing, off-site assets, participation in social channels and lead generation are all driven by business building objectives rather than just ranking and traffic.

We developed this proven process through our participation in the SEO sector since the very beginnings of search. The outcome is gains that change quarterly results and occasionally departments or business units.

Find out how a holistic approach to search can change your business.