Consider the challenges some of our clients face and how we help them achieve tangible profitability, growth, and peace of mind.

Enterprise Client: A $15B B2B systems integrator

“Digital marketing has never truly worked for us. And, regrettably, our competitors are dominating the online platforms. We desperately need to invest some resources and fully test the waters.”


Return on Ad Spend


Influenced Pipeline


Influenced Revenue within 7 months
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SMB Client: An established office supply manufacturer

“PPC has been very effective for us. But we’ve hit a profitability plateau with the numbers atrophying. Our current agency isn’t proactive and we’re no longer meeting our monthly sales targets. We want to give it another try but don’t know where to start.”

  • Month Zero: $13,000 monthly revenue (prior mgmt)
  • Month 3: $22,000 monthly revenue (Bloofusion mgmt)
  • Month 6: $39,000 monthly revenue (Bloofusion mgmt) 
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