We are instrumental in elevating online innovators in their early startup stages to become industry leaders.

We were originally retained to conduct a mini website audit. The site’s millions of pages weren’t being indexed by Google.

As the initial steps neared conclusion it became clear that the causes were more pervasive and required further action. Duplicate content as well as link farms were causing massive issues. Basically, Google didn’t perceive the site a source of authority because of similar overlapping dynamic pages with rotating content and questionable internal linking.

We resolved these issues by restructuring the site. The main category pages and sub-category were redefined with cleaner templates, internal links were enhanced and persuasive elements were added to induce natural external linking. Within the next 6 months Google indexing improved 893% and continued solidly after that.

Today, this company enjoys recognition as the industry leader in their sector. They had this to say about the results, “I long suspected we could benefit from Bloofusion working on our online visibility, and sure enough – what an impact! I think we were being penalized heavily for our duplicate content. The graph below shows the impact that the Bloofusion projects had on our site. We’re still setting traffic records weekly.”


We were engaged on an isolated SEO project. As often happens, the initial project revealed opportunities for increased benefit.

The company provides best-of-breed offerings that enable enterprise architectures to share information more efficiently. Executives were dissatisfied with the site’s search ranking. We determined that the current page content and meta elements didn’t adequately communicate what prospects were searching for. We helped them address the classic gap of tech speak versus customer needs. Within 3 months of on-page optimization, ranking improved over 30% and traffic grew by 20%.

Due to our previous successes, we gained the attention of upper management. Together, we focused on a 12-month series of projects designed to achieve long-term gains. We improved leads tracking via Marketo and Salesforce by integrating these tools more tightly into their overall web site analytics. Even during a period where overall organic traffic was down, we produced substantial lift in organic for the targeted product areas:”


For B2C businesses, the proof is in the bottom line. We find that long-term engagement produces the best over-all results.

The initial project with a well-known company in this sector launched in 2007. We addressed basic SEO issues, such as identifying spam, unifying product content from various web properties and resolving black hat issues. Black hat activities, in this case, were aggressive linking from internal web sites that could be perceived by Google as unethical, putting the company at considerable risk.

The elimination of the sites outside of Google’s guidelines and unification of optimized content under one roof had a major impact. The quarter-over-quarter growth for optimized products was 9.11%, with an estimated increase in sales of $3,759,373.84. Management was overwhelmed with the positive results.

Every quarter we worked together, organic growth continued. When the executive management asked us to “Keep plugging away,” to achieve continued inprovements, we dug deeper and tied various online activities together: Organic content, paid search and data feed management. We expanded the content areas that established their unique market position and are the most profitable, such as product education.

Next we took things to new levels. We authored a study that clearly demonstrated the incremental profitability of ranking in both organic and paid search. Rather than the cannibalizing effect that they expected, this had a symbiotic effect to the tune of over $500,000 in additional click value per month. This gave the executive team a secondary justification to invest more heavily in organic campaigns.