“Digital Marketing has never truly worked for us. And, regrettably, our competitors are dominating the online platforms. We desperately need to invest some resources and fully test the waters.”

Team members from Bloofusion company
Who are they?

A B2B systems integrator that provides supply-chain technology to half of Fortune 500 companies for the commercial, telecom and government sectors. Their annual revenue is $15B and they have dominated this segment for over 30 years.

What was holding them back?

This enterprise player needed to expand their lead generation activities to feed the sales teams. Their website was not digital-campaign friendly and the page-load time was frustratingly slow. Historically, ROI tracking was severely hampered and the user experience lacked motivational elements such as compelling and clear calls-to-action. Executive leadership had their doubts about digital marketing though the competitive set was hyper active in the PPC realm.

What did they get?

Once the overriding challenges were identified and addressed, we were able to drive the ROAS up to 77:1 ($77 in revenue for every $1 spent on digital marketing). According to their calculations, in a short runtime of just seven months, the total revenue influenced was $8.5M and the total pipeline grew to a whopping $24.8M. Marketing and sales teams were ecstatic. Digital marketing had been proven to work spectacularly.







How long did it take?

These numbers were achieved within the initial seven months of launching our relationship with them. These quick wins relied on active teamwork between Bloofusion and our strategic and tactical marketing partners and helped set the stage for a long, fruitful relationship.