“PPC has been very effective for us. But we’ve hit a profitability plateau with the numbers atrophying. Our current agency isn’t proactive and we’re no longer meeting our monthly sales targets. We want to give it another try but don’t know where to start.”

Team members from Bloofusion company
Who are they?

A Texas-based office supply manufacturer founded over ten years ago. Over the years they have developed a nationwide, fiercely loyal following while thriving in the B2B e-commerce space.

What was holding them back?

They realized they were finally positioned to grow considerably in the coming years. Now it was time to expand their PPC efforts. Quickly. However, their e-commerce revenue tracking was not established, their campaigns were languishing, and their PPC manager had become complacent. With no clear picture of revenue or ROAS, even well-built campaigns would have had little chance for success.

What did they get?

A comprehensive rollout of revenue tracking for all online sales, as well as a set of campaigns built for success, leading to profitability in PPC. With these elements in place, we were able to grow their ROAS from just above 1:1 ($1 generated per $1 spent) to an average of almost 4x that in just 6 months! Naturally, this completely changed their perspective on PPC, creating a confidence so high that upper management signed off on a 20% per month growth plan.

With no changes to ad spend, revenue scaled up quickly:

Month Zero

Monthly Revenue (prior mgmt)


Month 3

Monthly Revenue (Bloofusion)


Month 6

Monthly Revenue (Bloofusion)


How long did it take?

With true revenue tracking and new campaigns in place, PPC with Bloofusion had a positive ROAS from month one. By month three we had crossed the company profitability mark of 250% ROAS and by month six we were soaring even higher with a ROAS over 400%. The new bar for profitability had been set, trust in digital marketing had been restored, and there was no looking back!