Profitable Digital Marketing.
Designed for the Music Industry.

We hear many of the same frustrations around digital marketing time after time. Especially from businesses in the music industry like yours:

  • “We’re running ad campaigns but not seeing results.”
  • “Marketing is getting more and more expensive.”
  • “We can’t tell which traffic source our music sales are coming from.”
These feelings are heartbreaking. Seeing ads that don’t convert, money invested with no return, and opportunity after opportunity left on the table, sucks .
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You have something meaningful to offer the world of music. You’d give anything for your digital marketing to just… work. Imagine having a holistic marketing partner with whom you could…

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Align all of your digital marketing channels to work together for the highest ROI

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Generate ongoing, increasing profitability for your music business

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Grow and scale with confidence to increase your brand perception

Now that would be worth investing in! With Bloofusion, this is what you’ll experience.

Is your Music Business tired of marketing getting more and more expensive?

The Bloofusion way

At Bloofusion, we leverage our nearly 30 years of combined Holistic Marketing & Paid Search experience to drive results for both billion dollar companies and ambitious SMBs each month.

Our proprietary and comprehensive approach to Holistic Marketing & Paid Search goes way beyond ad management and reporting. Instead we collaborate with music marketers to develop:

  • A true understanding of your music customer & how they express their pain points
  • Messaging that delivers your unique value and drives results
  • Ad strategy that leverages your ad investment for the highest possible ROI
  • Streamlined tracking that provides clear attribution as to where the sale came from
  • Let’s explore this together

Our Experience

This all sounds good! But can you prove it? Yes. Each organization has a unique buyer’s journey. That’s why we focus on what makes your organization (and your customers!) unique.

Each Music Business has a unique buyer’s journey. That’s why we focus on what makes your organization (and your customers!) different.
Is your Music Brand ready to grow?


On Ad Spend with $25,000,000 Influenced Pipeline – Lead Gen, B2B


Return on Ad Spend with 1,000+ Software Downloads Monthly – Ecommerce, B2C SMB


ROAS reached within a few months of revamping campaigns – Up from 200%

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30 Years Combined Experience Delivering A Winning Process for Profitable, Scalable Paid Search

Who am I?

My name is Andreas Mueller. I’m the guy in the blue shirt on the right. The co-founder of Bloofusion. My trusted paid search team right next to me.

Music has always been important to me. Starting during my piano lessons as a kid — and yes, I hated them — progressing to guitar and mandolin.

Our kids are musicians. Violin, fiddle, cello, electric guitar. They even perform in bands here and there. Needless to say that I’m one proud father.

My passion is also digital marketing and it pains me to see the music industry struggling so hard to get a foothold here . The barriers are almost insurmountable. That’s why we, as an agency, have decided to make a difference and we’re seeing results .

Let’s talk and I can share with you what I have in mind for your company!

Andreas Mueller