30 Years Combined Experience Delivering A Winning Process for Profitable, Scalable PPC

We hear many of the same frustrations around PPC time after time from organizations:

  • “We’re running ad campaigns but not seeing results,”
  • “We can’t tell which traffic source our sales are coming from,” 
  • “We’re garnering new business but don’t know how to grow”

These feelings are heartbreaking. Seeing ads that don’t convert, money invested with no return, and opportunity after opportunity left on the table, sucks.

You have something meaningful to offer the world. You’d give anything for your PPC to just… work.

Imagine having an PPC partner with whom you could:

  • Leverage your ad spend to return the highest ROI
  • Generate ongoing, increasing profitability
  • Grow and scale with confidence to own the market space

Now wouldn’t that be worth investing in!

At Bloofusion, all of our clients experience this.

The Bloofusion Way

At Bloofusion, we leverage our nearly 30 years of combined search marketing experience to drive results for both billion dollar companies and ambitious SMBs each month. 

Our proprietary and comprehensive approach to PPC goes way beyond ad management and reporting, helping guide your organization forward with:

  • A true understanding of your customer & how they express their pain points
  • Messaging that delivers your unique value and drives results
  • Ad strategy that leverages your ad investment for the highest possible ROI
  • Exhaustive tracking that provides clear attribution for your marketing investments

So why not take the stresses of advertising off your plate? With Bloofusion, you’ll work with experts who allow you to get back to the things you do best while knowing your PPC is in expert hands. And wouldn’t it be nice to sleep easy at night?

“Bloofusion supercharged our online presence to drive our new business acquisition through the roof.” – Director of Digital Marketing 

PPC Case Studies

This all sounds good! But Can You Prove It? Yes. 

Each organization has a unique buyer’s journey. That’s why with every client relationship we address what makes your organization (and your customers!) unique.

Check out the challenges some of our clients face and how we help them achieve massive, ongoing success, delivering:

  • 75x Return on Ad Spend with $25,000,000 Influenced PipelineLead Gen, B2B Enterprise Tech
  • 10x Return on Ad Spend with 1,000+ Software Downloads MonthlyEcommerce, B2C SMB
  • A Year of Monthly Increasing Return on Ad Spend – Ecommerce, B2B SMB
Take the first step toward profitable, scalable PPC. Let’s talk?